Oct 4

CIB CE Class - Protecting Business From Cyber Liability and Privacy Mayhem

10/04/18 8:30am to 3:30pm
9450 Seward Road
Fairfield,OH 45014

Protect your business and your client’s business from network security and privacy mayhem! A comprehensive overview of network security and privacy liability past and present along with a peek into the future The attendee will:

  *   Gain a broad, but also in-depth, historical overview of cyber and privacy trends

  *   Gain a thorough understanding of cyber liability exposures and understand the distinction of privacy perils compared to cyber perils

  *   Understand various federal and state cyber and privacy regulations

  *   Learn current insurance coverages available today, or that could apply, touching on various court cases interpreting different policy types

  *   Explanation and review of a current cyber and privacy insurance policy - to teach and understand policy terms and conditions

  *   Gain an understanding of crime policy forms, computer fraud and social engineering risks, and review five-key court case interpreting coverage

  *   Gain an understanding of cloud and cyber risk aggregation concerns

  *   Review GDPR (EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation) in order to a) understand its impact on US business and b) anticipate a similar US model

  *   Understand loss control techniques touching on cyber security frameworks NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and CIS (Computer Information Security)

  *   Review the need for an effective breach response plan and key components of a breach response plan

  *   Gain an understanding of the future, some insight on where all this is heading: IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and review some business cases

Instructor - Greg Goetz, CPCU, ARM. Approved for 6 hours in KY and OH. Concentration - P/C


Member - $75.00
Non-member - $99.00

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