The Chapter Board of Directors, by resolution adopted by a majority of the Directors in office, may designate one or more standing committees, each of which shall consist of a majority of Directors and no fewer than two Directors, which to the extent provided in said resolution shall have and exercise the authority of the Chapter Board of Directors in the management of the Chapter; but the designation of such committee(s) and the delegation thereto of authority shall not operate to relieve the Chapter Board of Directors or any individual Director of any responsibility imposed upon them by Law. NOTE: This provision allows a chapter to establish, for example, an Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, or Audit Committee

Candidate Recruitment and Development/Membership/New Designee Committee

Under the general direction of the chapter board, the Candidate Recruitment and Development Committee shall develop or maintain programs that will increase the total members/candidates committed to increased insurance professionalism and obtaining the CPCU designation.

• Maintain a current active candidate and prospect list, and coordinate with others to be sure mailing lists are updated annually.
• Understand and stay current of CPCU and IIA programs to attract new candidates and encourage existing candidates to continue.
• Maintain accurate records of candidate recruitment and development activity during the year.
• Promote the Society’s candidate membership.


Under direction of the chapter board, the Membership Committee shall develop and maintain programs to recruit/retain members in the CPCU Society.

• Maintain the chapter roster of members.
• Emphasize the value of Society membership to chapter members.
• Recruit all nonmember CPCUs.
• Assist board in maintaining active participation of all current chapter members.
• Attend membership workshops or other Society training.


Under the direction of the chapter board, the New Designee Committee shall develop or maintain programs to activate the chapter’s new designees to become members of the CPCU Society.

• Maintain the chapter roster of new designees.
• Promote benefits of Society membership such as continuing education, professionalism, and networking.
• Assist chapter board in recognition activities such as local conferment or welcome reception.
• Distribute information and serve as a contact point for questions from new designees.
• Encourage new designees to attend meetings and become active members of the chapter.
• Serve as a liaison between the chapter and the national new designee task force.


Chairpersons: Keith Tenoever

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481

Connections Committee

The purpose of the Connections Committee is to assist the chapter in developing and continuing strong ties with companies and agencies by coordinating and conducting visits to the organizations.  The goal is to increase visibility of the chapter, develop relationships with the insurance community and to promote educational opportunities available through the chapter.

The Chapter's Board oversees this committee.

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

To assist the Cincinnati CPCU Society Chapter with member engagement, outreach, and affinity parternships by strategically promoting all dimensions of diversity within the insurance industry. 

Chairperson: Laura Risher

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481

Education/Social/Good Works Committee

Under the direction of the chapter board, the Education/Programs Committee is to ensure a variety of professional education programs. Programs should help members succeed by focusing on technical, leadership, and career management. This includes chapter meetings and seminars.

• Schedule chapter meetings and arrange for speakers.
• Schedule and arrange for a variety of educational seminars.


The goal of the Good Works Committee is to increase CPCU visibility through service to the community.  The committee organizes opportunities for members to participate in as a group and acts as coordinator and liaison for the events.  For more information on how you can help the Chapter with Good Works projects or to submit an idea for the committee please contact the Chapter at or 513-294-8481


Chairpersons: Jen Witherby and Christine Ross 

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481

I-Day Committee

I-Day, or All Industry Day, is the biggest event sponsored by the Chapter each year.  I-Day activities includes educational seminars highlighted by the CPCU NewDesignee Conferment Luncheon.  The committee takes full responsibility for planning I-Day and the luncheon.  Activities include determination of seminar content, arranging for presenters, facilities, publicity, fundraising and obtaining a notable keynote speaker and conferment officer.

Chairperson:  Robyn Miller 

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee shall be the investment fiduciary responsible for the prudent management of the Investment Portfolio. The Committee shall have the exclusive authority to establish, execute and interpret an investment policy statement for the Portfolio. The Committee shall be solely responsible for the selection and retention of professional advisors to the Portfolio, which may include, but not be limited to, investment managers, investment consultants, custodians, attorneys, accountants, and clerical staff.

Chairperson:  Matthew Fox 

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481

Public Relations Committee

Under the direction of the chapter board, the Public Relations Committee shall develop programs to enhance and promote recognition of the CPCU Society, its members, and the designation.

• Publicize chapter meetings and programs, special events, new designees, and Community Good Works programs in local media and industry press.

Chairperson: Kimberly Harris-Washington

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481

Technology/Social Media Committee

Under the direction of the chapter board, the Technology/Social Media Committee is responsible for coordinating and keeping the chapter’s Internet website and social media sites current.



• Establish procedures to coordinate with chapter board on posting information.

• Coordinate the programs to deliver and serve member needs.

• Direct the chapter website and social media information.

Chairperson:  Michelle Ward and Katy Swartz 

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481

University Connections/Scholarship Committee

Under the direction of the chapter board, the University Connections Committee will partner with identified local colleges or universities to share information on the Cincinnati CPCU Society Chapter. The goal is to create awareness and share the value of being a member of the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter Society, ultimately attracting new talent into the industry and the organization.  


  • Reach out to identified colleges or universities to establish partnerships.
  • Schedule meetings to share information on the chapter and CPCU Society based on college or university-preferred format.


The Scholarship Committee is responsible for awarding scholarships to graduating high school seniors and currently enrolled college students who are immediately related to chapter members.  Students should excel in academics, community service activities and school-related activities.  In addition, students must submit an essay.  The Scholarship Committee reviews and rates all essays submitted.

Chairpersons: Julie Barnhill

Contact Information: or 513-294-8481


Golf Outing Committee

The Golf Outing Committee plans an Annual Charity Golf Outing to raise funds for educational financial assistance to graduating high school seniors and currently enrolled college students who are immediately related to Chapter members. These outstanding students excel in academics, community service activities and school-related activities. The Golf Outing Committee coordinates the fun, food, competition, sponsorship, promotion, and prizes to support this rewarding annual charity event.

Chairperson: Cathy Combs 

Contact information: or 513-294-8481

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee plays a key role in assisting the board to fulfill its oversight responsibilities for the Cincinnati CPCU Society Chapter’s governance, risk management, and internal control practices.   The committee assists the board by providing advice and guidance on the adequacy of the organization’s initiatives for:

· Values and ethics
· Governance structure
· Risk management
· Internal control framework

Chairperson: James Emming, Ken Kerby
Contact information: or 513-294-8481

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the selection and presentation of members qualified to stand for election offices and the presentation of candidates for annual awards. 

Chairperson: Christine Ross 

Contact information: or 513-294-8481.